You Haven't Been Getting Results

Let’s’s face it; you’ve been watching videos and reading articles about how to attract women for a while now.

But it hasn’t been working.

No matter how much knowledge you cram into your brain, your dating life hasn’t changed much.

Your fantasy of being able to effortlessly attract beautiful women is still just that… a fantasy.

What’s missing?

There’s an invisible enemy holding you back:

Your beliefs, your ego, and your identity.

These things don’t want you to change. They don’t want you to win.

And fighting them isn’t easy. But it is possible to overcome them.

There is a proven strategy for changing your beliefs, your actions, and your results:

Hire A Coach

A coach’s job is to identify exactly what’s been holding you back: the beliefs, the mindsets, the habits, and the actions that have prevented you from attracting women.
Once he diagnoses the problem, he will give you a personalized solution – a strategy tailored to your exact needs:

  • The confusion you’ve been experiencing will become clarity.
  • The frustration will become hopefulness.
  • Inaction will become motion. 
  • Desire will become execution.

If you’re tired of getting the same results month after month, then you must change your strategy. 

You can try to figure this out. You can go in blind and make guesses. 

But that can take years.

With coaching, you can get the results you want in months, sometimes even weeks.

When you sign up for my 12-week coaching program, you are deciding to end the cycle of frustration and to finally make a change. 

My coaching program isn’t for the faint of heart.

I will challenge your beliefs. I will push you out of your comfort zone. The next 12 weeks won’t always be easy.

But after twelve 1 hour calls with me, your life will be changed forever.

We will create a personalized action plan that will lay out the exact steps you need to take to get the dating life you want. This isn’t theoretical; this is real, practical strategy. 

If you follow the steps I create for you, you will get the results you want.

Click the link below to apply for a free coaching call to see if you are a good fit for this 12-week program.


The Sunday before last, I went out to a club and actually made my first pull from night game! This was one of the goals I’d set for myself when we were doing coaching, and I was like, “Holy shit! This actually happened!” 
A few night later, on Wednesday, I went out again and made out with a different girl and got her number (which turned into a date), and I also helped my wingman Steve make his first pull as well. 
Finally, last night, I went to a New Year’s party where I met yet another and that ended up with a long make-out close. This girl is really cute, and we’ve got a date set up for Thursday.


Michael slept with several attractive women in a single week

Frequently Asked Questions

I don’t want your results to improve by 10%, 20%, or even 50%.
I want your results to improve by 1000%.
Real transformation takes real commitment.
I could earn more money by offering one-off coaching sessions, but I want my clients to get the success they really desire, and that doesn’t happen in a week.
By committing to 12-weeks, you have skin in the game; you know that if you give up after a week or two, you wasted your money, and you’re not going to want to do that.
Plus, you know that you have to report back to me week after week, this will give you emotional leverage to push yourself as much as possible.

If my content and testimonials aren’t enough to convince you, send me an email ( with the subject line (I Want proof), and I will give you the contact information of one of my previous clients. He will tell you the results he got from my coaching.

Free content helps increase your rate of progress, but if you want to make exponential improvement, you need to make a greater commitment.
Imagine there are two men. One buys some dumbbells and decides to work out at home.
The other invests in several months of personal training.
Who do you think is going to progress faster?
It should be obvious.
The man who paid for personal training has a financial incentive to take action. He’s getting personalized feedback and motivation. He is being held accountable by another person who will be disappointed if he doesn’t make progress. And he has access to a trainer who will help correct his form, improve his diet, and give him a proven strategy for results.
Working with a dating coach is no different. Free content helps, coaching creates transformation.