May 27, 2022

The Reason You’re Not Getting Results + Infield Footage

Did you know that 99% of the men that consume dating/pickup advice have never even approached a single woman?

Did you know that 99% of the men that consume dating/pickup advice have never even approached a single woman?

No dates, no kisses, and of course… An unimpressive number of sexual encounters each year (often less than one). 

This means most guys are simply not living up to their potential with women. The truth is, most guys never will. Instead, they’ll eventually settle for some subpar women that they will never be proud of. 

You’ll quickly begin to resent her since you only stayed with her since she’s your only option.

She’ll start to resent you since she knows this too!

She’ll know you are embarrassed by her. You’ll try to hide your shame, but your face says it all, and she’ll feel it too!

And heck, maybe it’s not so much that you’d be ashamed of her.. But really, you’d be ashamed of YOU!

And why could that be?

You’d have done everything right.

Except for…

living up to your full potential in dating!

I’ve approached more than 10,000 women in just short of a decade, as well as coached several hundred students both online and in-person. 

I’ve noticed specific patterns over the years, both with myself and with my students.

It’s not a lack of effort or intelligence that is stopping most of my students. It’s not the looks, social status. It’s not any of those things.

Most guys lack a proper system.

And I am aware for the last couple of decades, gurus have been dishing out courses with “SySteMS.” The problem is these systems consist of algorithms to social interactions several orders of magnitude more complicated than what you’d find in your average Differential Equations course. Or philosophical reasoning that rivals Aristotle. 

The truth is complexity sells.. If one of these phony gurus can sustain the illusion of complexity, then he can continue to sell “solutions” to desperate men that can’t see through the smokescreen.

I can assure you none of these things are required.

The best way to improve your GAME is by keeping things simple!

Which is why I am releasing a course in a few weeks called God Mode. This course will hold your hand and guide you through all your major sticking points, step-by-step.

The good news is, you won’t have to sell a kidney for it either.

This course will include everything you need to skyrocket your results with women, including the following:

  • Multiple 50+ minute infield pulls with breakdowns
  • A 30-day action plan
  • Lecture Modules

And lots more…

Be sure to watch a sneak-peek infield pull from my upcoming course God Mode.

– Avery

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