May 27, 2022

Alpha male Body Language Vs Beta Male Body Language – Tony Montana

This is why women don’t respect you.

Good job; you did the approach.

You’re talking to girl, vibing or whatever.

But the way she’s looking at you…

They’re not the eyes of a girl who wants you to put babies inside her.

It’s more like the eyes of an older sister looking down towards her younger brother right before she pats him on the head and sends him off to go play with his friends on the playground.

She was never gonna have sex with you.

You see this same scenario play out over and over again in different forms with different women.

Nonverbal behavior

The reality is you might be putting out some pretty un-masculine behavior without being aware of it.

Some of this behavior is extremely subtle but most women will be able to pick up on it.

The consequences of this are that she will instantly disqualify you as a potential sexual partner. Which means, your chances were gone before you even started.

How do you prevent this from happening?


Pay attention how you behave.

Study the behavior of alpha or masculine guys. If you don’t like that terminology, simply pay attention to the behavior of the type of men that command respect.

A great example of this in a scene from the movie Scarface.

Tony Montana and the Colombian drug lord are both pretty calm and serious, while the guy next to Tony is becoming reactive and emotional under the same situation.

MindfulAttraction breaks it down much better which is why I linked his vid.

Ask yourself this:

In your interactions with women, are you more like Tony or the guy to his left?

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