July 7, 2022

Approaching Girls made Easy! (For Introverts & Beginners)

Approaching girls is the easiest thing in the world — said no one EVER.

Truth is, in today’s day and age approaching women is harder than ever!

And believe me it’s not your fault…

Over the last couple decades, we have shifted from real-life interactions with people to largely online.

A year or more of Zoom meetings has not helped either!

It makes a lot of sense that guys nowadays are afraid to go talk to a pretty girl.

But it doesn’t have to be this way!

Look, I have seen dozens of guys ’round these circles (the seduction community) who at first, I thought were totally hopeless.

One look at ’em had me I thinking:

You might as well pick up some new hobbies because there’s no chance you’re getting ANY action this weekend, buddy.”

And then they prove me wrong.

Not just slightly.

They prove me wrong in ways in ways you could not believe unless you saw it yourself.

I see them get laid with women you see on sports magazines. I see them go on dates with girls that’d make any guy turn their head for the double-take.

And I have seen this happen time and time again.

Is this an accident or some sort of miracle?

Definitely not.

There’s a process.

It’s not an overnight thing either.

But there’s a process.

Follow it and you’ll get really good with girls.

If you’re having some trouble talking to girls, Todd can get you started with that process!

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