July 7, 2022

Here’s Why YOU WANT Other Guys To Hit On Her, Too

You’re in the club nervous as heck but steadily you build up your confidence.

You’re talking to everyone. Being social.

Suddenly you find yourself engaged in a conversation with a really attractive girl.

She’s into you. Really into you. It’s going well–really well!

Too well!?

Out of fooking nowhere, Bob walks up and is offering to buy your lovely mistress some drinks.

Her attention is no longer on you but instead fixed on this damn bozo.

Should you give up at this point?

How do you save the interaction?

There’s a counterintuitive answer.

Chances are Bob is not taking her home tonight and if you play these types of situations out correctly (instead of getting insecure and in your head), then you can raise your value in the process–raising the chances the girl will go home with you!

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