July 7, 2022

How I Pull Girls To My Bedroom Within 15 Minutes of Meeting Them

I see her: a hot girl in a tight black dress walking around the club by herself.

Without thought, I walk up to her and start spewing bullshit.

And, of course, it works.

I compare her to Aubrey Plaza, tell her I’m going to make her famous, and invite her to do an Onlyfans collab with me.

You know, the usual.

But beneath the banter, I’m looking at her with a clear intention: “I want you in my bed, now.”

She feels it. I feel it.

It turns out her friend had already left the club with a guy. 

Not a bad situation.

Within five minutes, she says she needs to use the restroom and invites me to come with her.

I follow, and she literally says, “We’re not going to fuck in the bathroom, but I might give you a blowjob.”

Here’s where many people reading will think I’m talking out of my ass.

There’s no way a cute girl would say that to a stranger she met five minutes ago.

But when you really put yourself out there, you’ll see that women can be just as sexually adventurous as men.

I understand the skepticism; that’s why I have infield footage of myself bringing girls home on YouTube. That’s the best proof I can give you. Other than that, just try the strategies I will show you in this article, and you’ll see for yourself what’s possible.

But back to the story:

I followed her to the bathroom, but I told her I knew a better place (I didn’t want to get permanently banned from one of the best nightclubs in the world). 

She agreed and started walking home with me. 

Back at my place, we played a game of Connect 4 (a surprisingly good game to pull with). 

After a few minutes, she said, “I should get a cab.” 

I tell her that’s a good idea and start walking her out the door. 

But while we’re heading out, I turn her around, look deep into her eyes, and lean in.

We start making out.

I grab her hand and take her to my room. As I kiss her down her body, she says, “fuck the cab; this is better.”

That was just one of many times in the last year that I brought a girl home with me in less than fifteen minutes.

Men tend to think that women have an imaginary “comfort meter” that needs to be filled before they’ll hook up with you.

For some girls, this is true (the more conservative or shy ones). 

But for many others, all you have to do is make your intentions clear, take the lead, and make her feel desirable.

Do that, and many women will hook up with you in no time. 

So let’s break this down into practical steps. There are keys to a successful seduction:

  1. Strong intent
  2. Leading

If you do both of the above well, you will have an incredible dating life. 

Yet most men ignore those fundamentals and focus all their attention on minor details that don’t really matter.

That’s how you get stuck as an amateur for your entire life.

So, below, I’ll teach you how to project strong intent and lead without hesitation. 

Strong Intent

Intent is best defined as the unconscious desires you project with your nonverbal communication.

Okay, that’s a mouthful. Here’s an example to clarify:

If you’re talking to a girl and thinking, “She’s out of my league. She’s probably going to reject me because I’m too short.” 

Well, your intent is for her to reject you.

So, intent isn’t so much about what you say; it’s mostly about what you genuinely desire and expect.

Conversely, let’s say you’re talking to a girl and (unconsciously), you think, “She’s sexy. I want to take her home with me and fuck her brains out.”

In that case, your intent is sexual. 

Intent starts with your thoughts (whether or not you’re aware of those thoughts), which then turn into emotions (arousal, confidence, etc.), which ultimately turn into actions (strong eye contact, a masculine vocal tonality, inviting her back to your place).

Intent is so powerful because emotions are contagious. 

Laughter spreads, anger spreads, and so does desire. 

The best way to spark attraction is to genuinely feel it yourself first.

You can’t directly control your emotions, but you can control your thoughts and your actions (to some extent).

When you’re talking to a woman, you can direct your thoughts towards what makes her desirable: 

  • Her feminine voice
  • The look in her eyes
  • Her figure
  • And whatever it is that you find sexy. 

And when you think sexual thoughts, your emotions will follow.

Normally, when men talk to girls, they think about everything that might go wrong.

This leads to a jilted interaction where the girl feels confused or even creeped out.

The guy’s intent is muddy.

Instead, focus on thoughts that spark the feeling of desire in you. If you have to, imagine the woman you’re taking off her clothes for you. 

As soon as you genuinely feel sexual arousal, your interaction will instantly shift from emotionally flat to lustful.

That’s how you can strengthen your intent by changing your thoughts, but you can also project sexual intent by changing your actions.

If you have a bad habit of holding weak eye contact, you can use your willpower to make your gaze steadier.

This can be uncomfortable at first because you’re fighting against your regular behavior. But, if you push through that initial awkwardness, it will eventually become natural.

For example, I recently heard Todd V use the opener, “You’re absolutely fucking adorable… but you also look like trouble.”

I tried using it out of curiosity.

My first ten or so attempts were pretty awkward.

And I told myself, “That line sucks. It’s too gamey.”

But, after a few more tries, it started to get good reactions: I got comfortable with it. (I’m not saying it’s the best opener ever, but it can work).

Many of us give up on changing ourselves because we don’t get immediate results.

The first time you tell a girl a bold line like, “You’re the hottest girl here,” you’ll probably be hesitant and won’t get the best reaction.

But don’t give up on a new tactic until you’ve tried it at least 15 times (or you feel totally comfortable with it).

That might sound like a lot, but you can easily do it in one night. 

With that said, showing strong intent is something that will take practice, but once you get it down, you won’t believe how much it improves your results.

In my online course, God Mode, I have an at-home exercise you can use to learn how to generate strong sexual intent on demand.

Do it for a couple of weeks, and you will have a powerful sexual magnetism that women respond to on a primal level.

In fact, this exercise was the key that allowed me to pull nine different women in nine days. 

You can learn more about the course, here.


Intent sparks desire. 

Leading turns that desire into a sexual experience.

Put simply, leading is the difference between getting a phone number and getting laid.

Most guys miss countless opportunities because they don’t take their interactions with women anywhere. 

These men chat for a bit until the girl gets bored and says, “It was nice meeting you!”

But that’s not you anymore. 

Your new motto is ABL: Always Be Leading.

You might remember the famous speech from Glengary Glen Ross, Always Be Closing.

That’s a great motto for sales. But in pickup, if you want to close, you have to lead.

What does that mean, exactly?

If you’re talking to a girl at a bar, invite her to sit down at a table with you, go to the outside area, or come meet your friends.

See if she will follow your lead. 

If she does, that’s a great sign that you might be able to take her home later.

After you’ve led her from one area to another, get to know her for a while and then invite her home with you (I often pull with something as simple as, “Have you ever played Connect Four?” She says, “Yeah.” “Let’s play a game.”)” 

The point is, you’re taking the lead and eventually giving her the opportunity to say yes to go back to your place (or hers). 

Most guys never ask. 

A lot of the time a girl is just waiting for you to say, “Hey, wanna get out of here?” 

But if you don’t do it, the window of opportunity will eventually close.

Furthermore, leading injects the interaction with a feeling of momentum —it’s moving forward rather than stalling out.

If you talk to a girl for 20 minutes in the same spot you approached her, it can start to feel like the interaction isn’t going anywhere. Eventually, this makes her want to leave: even if she was initially attracted to you.

That’s the basics of leading. Of course, I’m just scratching the surface here. 

If you want a complete, in-depth guide to leading, the best way to learn is to watch real-life examples. 

Theory is great, but seeing what that theory looks like in action is far more powerful. 

In my course, God Mode, I have six complete hidden camera videos that show interactions pulls open to bringing the girl home that will teach you exactly how to lead your interactions from hello to the bedroom.


In 2021 I brought quite a few girls home with me in less than 15 minutes. 

It was much simpler than you might think.

Yes, luck was a part of it: some girls you meet are just in an adventurous mood, or maybe they broke up with their cheating ex and want to hook up with a stranger to blow off steam.

But everyone gets those opportunities (if they’re approaching women…). What few men do is capitalize on them. 

You’d be surprised how often you’re only one sentence away from going home with a girl.

I.E., “Hey, let’s go smoke back at my place.” Or, “Let’s watch an episode of Mad Men (here’s a clip of me actually pulling a girl with that line: infield example: ).

Ask yourself, “How often do you talk to a girl who might’ve been down to hook up with you, but you never made an offer that she could say yes to?”

Remember, you could bring a girl home with you any given night if your intent is strong and you take the lead.

Of course, there’s a lot more nuance and detail involved in seduction, but that’s the crux of it. 

Learning how to show intent and lead does take effort and practice. 

But if you’re willing to put in the work, the results will come. One client who did in-person coaching with me for ten days hooked up with seven girls in that time, and they were all attractive—two of them could have easily been models.

If you’re serious about learning how to master the art of showing intent and leading, grab my online course, God Mode.

It not only has a complete guide to showing intent and leading, it also has a 30-day challenge that will guarantee you’re able to implement what you learned in your real-life interactions with women (as long as you do what the challenge says).

Even better, the course has 5+ hours of hidden camera breakdowns in which you get to see me approach women and bring them home. Each of the videos is a fantastic example of what strong intent and leading should look like. 

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