July 7, 2022

How NOT to SIMP Over a Girl (5 Simping Mistakes To Avoid)

Are you a simp?

And is being a simp really such a bad thing?

Look, you definitely don’t want to be a simp.

You probably want to stray away from exhibiting simp-like behaviors as a general rule.


These behaviors are a display of lower value.

You will communicate to the woman that you are simping for that you feel her value is above your own.

With that said, it will be pretty tough for her to respect you if you behave this way.

I’ll say one thing:

It’s okay if you are a simp or sometimes behave like one!

Most guys simply don’t know any better.

But I would definitely advice that you try to change that sh!t up pronto if you want incredible results with girls.

Check out today’s video from PlayingWithFire if you want to learn how to STOP simping.

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