May 27, 2022

How to Never Run Out of Things to Say to a Girl

Do you run out of things to say to girls?

Try to remember the last time you were at a bar or a club. You probably saw at least one really pretty girl during your night out. You wanted to go up and talk to her – shoot your shot, or whatever.


Something stopped you from doing that. You didn’t think you had in you. You probably started thinking to yourself:

“I know I can go up to her, say hello, and maybe just a little bit more than that.”

“But then what do I do?”

You knew that you would not know what to say next. And the idea of that happening terrified you.

So, you didn’t approach.

But then your next night out, the same thing happens again with a different girl (or several girls).

The same thing will probably keep happening until you address the issue.

The fact is: You don’t know how to keep the conversation going when talking to an attractive woman.

Fortunately for you, Austen Summers recently put out a video with effective strategies to address this problem (including some unique solutions that I have never considered).

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