July 7, 2022

Why Size Don’t Matter With Women (According To Natural Selections)

The ultimate question. The question of questions:

Does size matter?

The truth is a bit complicated.

An overview of evolutionary science shows that women DO care about the height of a man.

But is that all there is to it?

Does that mean that if you’re under 6′ tall, you’re destined to never reproduce in your lifetime?

No, definitely not.

Overall male size is a factor in attraction from women, but there’s one more important factor:

Social status.

The amazing part is, you have a lot of control over this.

Whereas with height, you do not since it’s mostly genetic.

There are plenty of avenues and methods through which you can bolster your social status.

My one suggestion is to play to your strengths.

What are you good at?

Focus on that and become exceptional!

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