July 7, 2022

I Got Fat and Girls Don’t Like Me Anymore 😢

I Got Fat and Girls Don’t Like Me Anymore.

Said no real player ever.

While being overweight certainly has negative consequences towards your health, it does not mean you’re suddenly so unattractive that no lady wants anything to do with you.

Recently I put on a good chunk of weight. Let’s just say I am a bit embarrassed about taking my shirt off when the lights are on.

Has that stopped me from hooking up with hotties?


If you are overweight, I would definitely recommend trying to correct that. But mostly for the health benefits.

Losing weight will probably make you a lot more attractive physically.

That should be obvious.

But using your weight loss goals as an excuse from talking to woman is ultimately just a weak excuse.

You’re avoiding the real problem if you do this.

The truth is you’re too afraid to put your ego on the line. Afraid to potentially get rejected and ridiculed by women.

I have seen guys make this same excuse time and time again.

“Once I get in shape, bro.”

And then they get in shape…

Now they come up with a different reason why they can’t talk to girls.

Ultimately, all these excuses are fucking bullsh!t!

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