May 27, 2022

Immersion Coaching

Immersion Coaching

Master The Art of Attracting Women

Watching videos about how to attract women is great. Reading books about attracting women is great.

But has it gotten you the results you want?

Are you going out, approaching women, getting dates, and having amazing sex with beautiful girls on a regular basis?

Or are you sitting at home in your underwear playing League of Legends, alone?

Learning about how to attract women is one thing, actually getting real-world results is another.

That’s why I offer immersion coaching.

In one month, you will get more experience with women than 90% of men get in their entire lifetime.

You will approach hundreds of women.

You will get dozens of girl’s numbers.

You will go on multiple dates.

And you will have mastered the skill of attracting women so that in any city, at any time, you can walk up to a hot girl and get a date with her.

Immersion coaching will push you past your limits.

And by the end of this program, you will be capable of things that you previously thought were impossible.

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Included with immersion:

1. 30 days of 1-on-1 coaching with me (14-day, 7-day, and 3-day packages also available).
2. Over 60 hours of in-field training, guaranteed.
3. You will meet hundreds of attractive women, and it’s practically guaranteed that you will go on multiple dates.
4. By the end of your immersion, you will be able to effortlessly spark attraction in women, and you will know how to turn that attraction into whatever type of relationship you want.
5. (Optional) I can record the video and audio of interactions to break them down with you afterwards. I will show you exactly what you’re doing that’s preventing you from getting the results you want (and how you can fix those mistakes)

Client Testimonials

Joshua Finally Got The Results He Always Wanted

The Sunday before last, I went out to a club and actually made my first pull from night game! This was one of the goals I’d set for myself when we were doing coaching, and I was like, “Holy shit! This actually happened!” A few night later, on Wedsnesday, I went out again and made out with a different girl and got her number (which turned into a date), and I also helped my wingman Steve make his first pull as well. Finally, last night, I went to a New Year’s party where I met yet another and that ended up with a long makeout close. This girl is really cute, and we’ve got a date set up for Thursday.

Michael went from going over a year without a single date, to having sex with multiple women in a single week.


Sam Slept With A Hot Girl The Same Night He Met Her For The First Time In His Life

You Have Three Options

Option 1: Do What Most Men Do

No one cares whether you have an amazing sex or die alone.

Well, your mom probably cares (but she can’t help you).

Truth is, a silent majority of men live lives of sexual desperation.

They want to talk to the hot girl across the room, but they’re too afraid, and even if they could get the courage, they wouldn’t know what to do or say.

Most men settle for the girl who made herself available (at work or in class) but they don’t really want her, she’s just better than nothing.

And if you do what most men do, you will probably get the result most men get.

Whether you want casual sex or a serious relationship, if you choose from a small pool of women, chances are low that you’ll find someone who you could ever call your “dream girl.”

Follow the path most men follow, and you will one day be an old man wondering what could have been – what kind of women you could have met, what kind of family and life you could have had, if you didn’t settle.

Option 2: Learn Pickup

95% of people who learn about cold approach pickup fail to get real results.

Is it because they’re not good looking or wealthy enough?

If only it were that simple.

Most men fail because they are ‘dabblers’.

These guys read books, they watch videos, but they don’t take action.

Did you know that most people who read Reddit Seduction or who are part of pickup Facebook groups have never cold approached a girl?

And of the men who have approached, few have done more than 100 approaches in their entire life.

Why is this?

Because although we all want a better dating life, there’s something we want more: to avoid discomfort.

And approaching women involves A LOT of discomfort. The possibility of rejection. Concerns about damaging our reputation. Approaching a woman puts us in an extremely vulnerable position.

And most guys aren’t willing to go through that. 

Some guys read a few books and watch some videos and get amazing results.

Sadly, most don’t – most dabble in pickup and give up within a few months. 

It’s no different than starting a gym regiment, or learning an instrument, a lot of people start, few actually reach their goals.

Ask yourself, “Am I on the path of the dabbler? If I keep doing what I’ve been doing, will I actually get results, or will I end up dissappointed and frustrated?

Option 3: Take An Immersion

If you want results that are out of the ordinary, you must take action that is out of the ordinary.

Yes, you can get the women who most guys consider ‘out of their league.’
But only if you’re willing to do whatever it takes.


Keep approaching 5 women a week, and you might get a girlfriend or a few one-night stands.

Take an immersion, and you will get more experience in your one month with me than your friends will get in their entire lives.

This won’t be easy. You will be taken far outside of your comfort zone. 

But the results will come. And your life will be radically changed. 

You will approach hundreds of women in a single month. You will learn from someone who has over 10 years of experience in the game.

I will quickly diagnose the things that are holding you back and help you correct them in days (instead of years). 

Concepts that are hard to grasp will become second-nature to you. You will know how to exude charisma, confidence, and positive energy. You will know how to influence people (men and women) to feel the emotions you want them to feel and to do what you want them to do.

Your personal power will magnify and you will no longer have to wonder what could have been because you will be able to create the reality you want.

Dating will no longer be a source of stress and frustration, it will be an opportunity to let go and have fun. You will experience a social and sexual freedom that few men understand.