May 27, 2022

Instant Success With One Change

You can start dating beautiful women by doing one thing differently.
Here it is:
Ask five cute girls on dates every week.
That’s all it takes.
If you’re approaching women and actually going for the close, you will have success.
99% of people who learn about pickup do not do this.
They’re like aspiring guitarists who watch instructional videos about how to play several hours a day, but they haven’t bought a guitar.
You might be thinking, “But that’s easier said than done. Approaching is hard. Asking women on dates is hard.”
Bro, your great grandfather fought in wars. They had to shoot people or get shot.
If you let the softness of this generation infect you, it will.
But all you have to do to win is decide to take the right actions regardless of how it feels in the short term.
Just ask five girls out per week.
You will start succeeding.
Or complain and make excuses.
The choice is yours.

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