October 26, 2021

Is Direct Game Overrated?

I’ve seen a particular pattern play out time and again with guys I’ve coached. These men approach a girl indirectly, have a 20 minute-plus conversation with her, then ask her out only for her to say, “Oh, sorry, I actually have a boyfriend.”

Learning direct game will help you avoid this all-too common mistake. Sure, sometimes being direct will get rejected. But you know what’s worse than getting rejected? Wondering what would have happened if you actually made a move.

As you get more experience under your belt, you’ll be able to communicate sexual intent through your eye contact, vocal tonality, and overall flirtatious but challenging demeanor.

At that point, you won’t need to tell  girl you’re attracted to her because she’ll feel sexual tension no matter what you say: if she has a boyfriend, she’ll tell you so (or, if your game is really good, she may fail to mention she has one).

Direct approaches will get you some really positive reactions that will boost your confidence. You will experience, first hand, that girls enjoy being hit on and they respect a guy who is unashamed to go for what he wants.

(The above video is an example of me doing a direct approach.)

I used to be terrified that if I approached a girl with clear sexual intent, I would get brutally rejected or shamed. It turns out, that will almost never happen. Most rejections are nothing more than a girl saying she has a boyfriend.

Once you realize it’s okay to be sexual with a girl you just met – and that sometimes girls respond incredibly positively to a direct approach – you’re dating life will become substantially more fun and exciting.

Guys who learn game often fail to get results because they’re afraid to do anything that might let the girl know he’s interested in her. But women will almost never do anything to directly lead an interaction toward sex. You absolutely must learn how to establish the sexual nature of your interactions with women.

If you get comfortable with approaching directly, it’ll help you learn how to give your interactions a sexual charge that might lead somewhere. You’ll get rejected more with direct game than indirect game, but you’ll also get more dates.

Why Direct Game Is So Powerful

One of the biggest advantages of direct game is psychological. When you and a girl both know the interaction is sexual in nature, it’ll be much easier to make a move (because you know she’s expecting you to).

If on the other hand, you’re unsure whether a girl thinks you’re hitting on her or trying to be her friend, making a move can be anxiety provoking. You don’t want to offend her by doing something totally out of left field.

When you’re new to learning game, going direct is the best way to start getting results with women as soon as possible

Yes Girls

However, when you’re direct, some girls (probably more than you expect) will respond extremely positively.  

A certain percentage of women are going to be attracted to you regardless of how good your game is.

In PUA terms, these women are called “yes girls.” When you meet a “yes girl” she will love it when you escalate the interaction in a sexual direction (of course, you need to do this at a pace she’s comfortable with, as soon as you notice discomfort in any way, take a step back).

But even yes girls aren’t going to give you a blowjob unless you learn how to ask for it. Practicing direct game will teach you to lead interactions with women as far as they can go.

Truth is, most men are uncomfortable with leading their interactions with women towards sex. Indirect game appeals to these men because it allows them to meet women without having to make themselves vulnerable by showing clear sexual intent.

If I’m being honest, that’s what I did. I practiced indirect game because I was afraid of what might happen if I straight up told a girl she’s beautiful. It was much easier to hide my intentions.

For many of us, the idea of being rejected socially is much less anxiety provoking than the idea of being rejected sexually.

Practicing direct game can be difficult at first – showing clear sexual intent is putting your ego on the chopping block: what if a girl laughs at you or humiliates you in front of your friends?

Most likely, neither of those things will ever happen (and even if they did, it wouldn’t really matter). However, the resistance many men feel to approaching women directly is real. I struggled with this myself.

To overcome this resistance, start with indirect approaches to warm up. Once you’ve done a few indirect approaches you’ll have built enough social momentum to be able to approach directly.
(If you’re interested in a step-by-step strategy for warming up to overcome approach anxiety, check out this article: https://redpilltheory.com/2018/12/03/approach-anxiety-solved-how-to-meet-women-fearlessly/)


Direct game isn’t necessarily better than indirect game, but it is a powerful learning tool. If you want to get results with women as soon as possible, practice going as direct as possible.

When you’re able to get dates and pull girls home using direct game fairly consistently, then you can benefit from learning indirect game.

But until you reach that point, using indirect game is just going to hold you back.

The underlying difference between guys who bring home attractive women and guys who bring home a lonely bottle of lube is the ability to confidently escalate interactions towards sex. Direct game will teach you how to do exactly that.

Yes, direct game will get you rejected more often than indirect game. But it will also get you laid. If you’re not getting the results you want from game, I recommend getting a strong handle on direct game before learning indirect game.

This article originally appears on: https://redpilltheory.com/2018/12/08/direct-game-will-get-you-laid/

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