July 7, 2022

Masculine Style Flirting (Become MORE MASCULINE)

Making your interactions man to woman is something every guy will need to develop at some point.

You need to let her know you have a dick. Not verbally, but through your behavior.

It’s totally possible and even reasonable that a girl will still reject you.

But you will have 1 thing:

Her Respect.

She’ll acknowledge you as a man. There’s a thrust in how you carry yourself. She’s aware of it. Maybe a bit turned on. Doesn’t mean she’ll fuck you.

The other guys… that get *Nice to meet you* over and over again from girls are instantly discarded from her memory.

She may forget you but she will never forget the seemingly mystical, Earth-shattering sensations that masculine men make her feel. And that’s sufficient.

If you want to learn a little something about masculinity and flirting, watch the video.

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