July 7, 2022


Pickup is one of the hardest things you will ever learn.

But there’s few things in the world that are more rewarding.

Imagine yourself 10-15 years from now. Imagine if you didn’t get this ‘girls’ thing handled.

Maybe, you’d find yourself sitting at home alone with a case a beer next to you, watching re-runs of Seinfeld on your cousins Netflix account. The sadness inside you growing each year.

Seinfeld is funny as heck but genuine human connection more important .

You deserve that!

You deserve high quality relationships in your life.

Don’t let the voice in your head stop you from going after what you want.

Everyone has that voice in their head.

But there’s a big difference between the people that listen to it and those that go against it.

Go against that voice! A great life is just past it.

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