August 15, 2022

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Dating advice that doesn’t suck. Learn exactly how you can get the sex life you’ve always wanted.


The ultimate guides to success with women. It’s time to stop waiting and to start getting real results.


Watch me (and my coaching clients) approach and attract women in real life.

In my writing I can tell you how to succeed with women, in video I can show you what it actually looks like.


It’s one thing to say you want to change your life, it’s another to actually do it.

Coaching will help you make the shift from a dabbler to someone who gets real results.

8-Week Online Coaching Program

Transform your dating life in 8 weeks.

If you follow the steps I outline for you, your life will never be the same again.

First call is free.


Work with me in person for 3-days of intense coaching.

By working with you in person, I will be able to diagnose exactly what’s holding you back from getting the dating life you want.

From there, I will FORCE you to deprogram your bad habits and replace them with behaviors that women will find irresistably attractive. 

Immersion Coaching

We will live together for 2-4 weeks. In this time, you will approach more women than most guys do in their entire lives. 

You will make a year’s worth of progress in a fraction of the time. 

By the end of your immersion, getting dates with beautiful women will be a regular part of your life.

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Watch My Videos On YouTube

You can watch videos of myself (and my coaching clients) approaching and attracting women in real life.

It’s one thing to read about how to get dating success, it’s another thing to see exactly what it looks like. 

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Client Testimonials

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The Sunday before last, I went out to a club and actually made my first pull from night game! This was one of the goals I’d set for myself when we were doing Skype coaching, and I was like, “Holy shit! This actually happened!”

A few night later, on Wedsnesday, I went out again and made out with a different girl and got her number (which turned into a date), and I also helped my wingman Steve make his first pull as well. Finally, last night, I went to a New Year’s party where I met yet another and that ended up with a long makeout close.

This girl is really cute, and we’ve got adate set up for Thursday

Joshua G.

A.G. Hayden just gave me one of the best FREE consultation call I’ve ever had. He’s extremely passionate about pickup and helping others. He’s very experienced in pickup and can quickly identify your sticking points. He’s a super humble, patient, empathetic guys that is great at listening and he’s very open to friendly debate. He offers easy practical solutions to problems. Book a FREE 15 minute call with him NOW! It’s worth it!

Brad Smith

I might be having this girl over for round two since Monday is a holiday. 

I fucked a girl on Monday night, then a dfferent one last night and I’m going on a date tonight where I might fuck another one. Then tomorrow night, girl from last night might be coming to spend the night. All of these girls are Mexican oddly enough. Monday was training to become a surgeon, Friday is an investment banker, and (possibly) tonight as a 8th grade teacher. 

Michael S.

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