May 27, 2022

Pick Up Game – Worrying What Your Friends Might Think?

Scared of what your friends might think about your pickup hobby?

It’s not as big of a deal as you think!

I was there too.

I felt deeply ashamed about being into all this pickup stuff.

I didn’t tell anybody about it for YEARS!

But over time my desire to figure this stuff out outweighed my shame of others finding me out.

The crazy part was what happened when people found out I was into this stuff…

They weren’t ashamed or embarrassed of me like I imagined.

Instead, they became very curious about what I was doing and even very interested in learning it themselves.

It’s not a big of a deal as you think if it is something you are worried about.

Additionally, it is nobodies business, really.

It’s your life to live.

Not anybody else’s.

Do whatever you want to do (as long as you don’t hurt others).

Today’s featured video is from Coach Kyle and he makes some more good points on this topic too!

Peace out!

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