May 27, 2022

She Tried To Kiss Me Because I Said THIS (hidden camera footage) | How To Make Girls Chase You

We’ve all heard it: women want what they can’t have.

Despite that, the majority of men make themselves seem so available that women think, “What’s wrong with this guy, why is he so desperate?”

In the video below, you’re going to see a hidden camera example of what happens when you make yourself unavailable.

Seduction is all about the ebb and flow of tension.

If you show too much interest, you’re needy and undesirable. If you don’t show any interest, there’s no spark.

But when you learn to balance push and pull, hot and cold, interested and disinterest – that’s when women become instantly addicted to your personality.

Most men fall into one of two categories:

A. They give away their interest too easily and thus women feel they have low value.

B. They don’t show any interest and thus seem like douchebags.

Ask yourself which of these categories you fall into and how you can add the element you’re missing into your interactions with women.

You can show interest by making strong eye contact, using compliments, asking further questions when she talks, and generally making her feel desired.

You can show potential disinterest by disqualifying yourself (I.E. saying she’s not your type), hinting that you’re thinking of leaving, teasing her (in a fun way, not a judgmental way), and most importantly – by having genuinely high standards and being willing to walk away based on what she does and says.

Keep this principle in mind because it makes all the difference in seduction.

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