July 7, 2022

The Art of Loving Women with Zan Perrion

In this podcast, Sophie interviews author and romance artist, Zan Perrion on his views on women and seduction. They explore themes in his books, and reveal insights that can enable men who are listening to stand out in a distinct and extraordinary way.

Zan Perrion is recognized as one of the most original and insightful voices on relationships and seduction in the world today. Zan Perrion has been talking and writing about beauty for decades.

In his travels around the world, he has encountered a sublime myriad of people… some searching, some indifferent, some committed to changing their life, some just curious to see what he was going on about, some ordinary, some famous or people from the media. And over the years, he has been called many things.

They called him a player, a beauty seeker, a relationship guru, a hopeless romantic, a pickup artist, a dating coach, a seducer… the media even at one time called him “the world’s greatest seducer”. But, according to him, it is far more simple than all that.

You can learn more about him at zanperrion.com, and join his coaching groups at arsamorata.com

For more on Sophie Josephina, check out her work on instagram @sophie.josephina or www.sophiejosephina.com

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