August 15, 2022

The REAL Reason Are Attracted To Misogynists 

The REAL Reason Women Are Attracted To Misogynists 

Scientific research has found that women prefer to date men who have sexist beliefs over those who are purely egalitarian.

Nice guys reading this will lament that all the “simp points” they’ve been earning may not eventually lead to sex.

The red pill inclined will see this research as proof that their controversial beliefs are true.

And they might be correct, to an extent. 

But I don’t believe women are attracted to sexism itself.

It’s deeper than that. 

Dominance and Submission

Sexual attraction is based on polarity—masculine and feminine energy attract each other because they are opposite.

Feminists would largely disagree with this but look around you.

The best-selling book in the last decade was 50 Shades of Grey.

What was it all about? 

Dominance and submission. 


Seduction is like a dance in which one party submits to the other. 

Both are experiencing a type of release, a kind of freedom.

But if both people try to dominate each other, it would be a battle with no intimacy. 

If both people were completely submissive, there would be no charge. Nothing would happen. 

And that’s why women are attracted to men with misogynistic beliefs.

Sexist men are willing to be dominant in courtship. 

They will make the first move, take the lead, and give the woman an opportunity to be sexually submissive.

In contrast, “nice guys” play the submissive role themselves. They wait… and wait…. and wait… for the woman to make the first move.

As an example, when I was 19 I went on a date with a girl, and we ended up in my bed. 

She massaged my entire body. She even ended up in the cowgirl position on top of me.

I told myself, “I’ll know she likes me if she kisses me, then I”ll make a move.”

Yeah, that’s literally what I thought.

Of course, she got bored and said, “This wasn’t what I was expecting.”

Then I never saw her again.

I was a nice guy with very egalitarian views, and I wasn’t willing to play the dominant role on any level.

For most women, that’s a turnoff.

Of course, there are exceptions—some girls want to be dominant and want a man to be submissive.

But it’s a significant minority.

The Initiator

Ask yourself, “Do I allow myself to play the dominant role in sexual encounters?

Or are you being submissive? Waiting. Reacting. Acting passively.

Women find the latter less attractive. 

And it also prevents you from creating opportunities. 

When you make a bold move, you never know what might happen.

That girl you approached might like you.

But if you stand around with a drink in your hand, waiting for women to make a move first, you’ll likely end the night with the same company you started it with.

When you are dominant—you don’t have to rely on pure luck. 

If you are submissive, you’ll be lucky to get one date a year.

I believe most modern men are essentially submissive when it comes to dating.

The exceptions are those men who were raised with more traditional, misogynistic values. 

It’s no coincidence that 28% of men between the ages of 18-30 didn’t have sex in 2018.

Our culture is more sex-positive and less religious than ever, yet men are having less sex.

I believe it’s because men have learned to be submissive— the nice guy mentality permeates so deeply that men now wait for women to take the lead. 

But it doesn’t happen.

And why would it?

Girls today are still taught that if a man likes them, he’ll take the initiating role. 

And women fear rejection just as much as men—so if a guy is supposed to take charge, why risk rejection by doing so yourself?

This is why women generally invite seduction through eye contact, body language, and overall demeanor (here’s a video with real life examples:

They open the door, but expect you to walk through it.

Of course, there are exceptions. And in the future, women may initiate just as often as men.

But that doesn’t happen today.

As a man, you are still expected to lead courtships forward. 

If she accepts your advances, great. If not, you have to take the rejection on the chin (and respect that she’s not interested, some men have an unhealthy sense of entitlement).

Not many men are willing to do this in today’s world. 

This makes the guys with misogynistic belief systems more appealing: they’re rare among the sea of nice guys with a neutered sexual energy.

You don’t need to be misogynistic to have success in dating. 

But you do need to be willing to take the lead and initiate. 

Otherwise, your experience walking through a nightclub will be like that of a negative magnet encountering other negative magnets: mutual repulsion.

Seduction requires polarity. If a woman plays the dominant role with you, great. But that’s an exception to the rule that you cannot successfully rely on.

The number one reason that men who read seduction advice don’t get results is that they aren’t approaching women. They aren’t asking girls out.

They don’t even try because they don’t believe it’s possible and their egalitarian beliefs have taught them to be passive.

But that doesn’t work.

And if you don’t approach that girl, the only guys who will are the genuine misogynists who have no shame about their desires.

That’s why women date those men, not because they’re superior, but because they have the masculine polarity that allows seduction to occur. 

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