May 27, 2022

There Is No Such Thing As Game

Looks. Money. Status. That’s all that matters. 

If you’re 6’4, wearing a Rolex, and have an Instagram with over 200,000 followers—then ‘game’ stops being an issue.

The funny thing is, I know a guy who meets all those standards.

When we go to the clubs, women don’t approach him.

When he talks to girls, they reject him as often as anyone else.

Don’t get me wrong, being attractive, wealthy, and having status are all powerful tools. They will make dating easier for you.

It’s like being born rich: if your parents are millionaires, starting a successful business yourself is a lot less difficult.

But there are thousands of new first-generation millionaires every day.

How To Succeed When You’re At A Disadvantage 

I grew up in a trailer where my father couldn’t even afford cable tv. 

Now I make over $150,000 a year. 

didn’t look at other poor people and think, “Well, I guess I’m doomed to be like them.”

I looked for success stories. I read books about poor people who became rich. 

I focused my attention on finding opportunities.

The same applies to game. 

Yes, being born with genetic advantages will make things easier. But focusing on that isn’t going to help you. It’s just going to make you bitter.

Change your focus onto what you can improve, and you will quickly see your negative beliefs dissipate as they are disproven. 

  • Could you become more charismatic? 
  • Could you make stronger eye contact? 
  • How is your vocal projection? 
  • Are your conversations boring, or do you say things that are emotionally impactful? 
  • How often do you approach women? 
  • Do you ask girls out regularly?

You might not have the advantages of a “Chad,” but you can pave your way towards success by learning how to offer women value. 

Making a girl laugh is value. Being bold and outspoken is value. Being unattached and willing to walk away is value (because most men are clingy and weird). 

Being different from other guys is value (95% of men say the same boring things to girls). 

There are a million ways to stand out. Just because you don’t have looks, money, or status doesn’t mean you don’t have any value to offer.

Once you realize that, you will become unstoppable. 

What If You’re Below Average Looking?

People often say that if you don’t meet a certain looks threshold, you have no hope.

That’s a myopic point of view. 

Physical attractiveness is partly objective, but every woman also has her own “type.” Some girls like fat guys, others like guys with the body of a twig.

Think of it like this: imagine you’re stranded on an island with a super fat woman that you’d never hook up with. 

How long would it take until you had sex with her?

Probably not very long.

The point is: every woman has some sexual value—even if it’s very little. And given the right circumstances, you would be turned on enough to have sex with them.

The same applies in reverse. 

Your appearance might not give you much sexual value, but it’s always higher than 0. And if you stack other factors in your favor, it will be high enough for many women to have sex with you.

And a quick way to know if you’re using that as an excuse is to answer a simple question, “Have you maxed out your appearance?” If you’re shredded and have put good effort into your style and grooming—that’s great. But most people who say they’re not good looking enough haven’t even taken steps to improve their appearance.


Everyone told me that I couldn’t make a successful online business: I started with $0 in the bank, I had no advanced degree, and I didn’t have a rich family to give me connections.

But I treated it like a puzzle. I looked for a way to stand out despite my disadvantages. 

With consistent effort and some creativity, I found a way to make it work.

The same applied to pickup: I was a 19 year old kisses virgin that women laughed at because of what a loser I was. Now my biggest problem with women is that they keep falling in love with me when I want something casual.

You can make the same transformation yourself if you’re willing to let go of your ego and find ways to improve.

I’ll leave you with a poignant quote that is worth reflecting on, “If you think you can or you can’t, you’re right.” – Henry Ford

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