July 7, 2022

We Kiss Within 5 min (& she finds nudes in my phone) – IRL Footage Breakdown

Infield breakdowns are always appreciated, especially when the best of the best of the industry (Vadim: HonestSignalz on YouTube) are the ones making them.

The truth is, infields are an invaluable tool we have in the men’s dating community, particularly when the dating coach himself breaks them down. 

Without an explanation or a discerning set of eyes and ears, it can be challenging to understand the underlying dynamics of interaction. And isn’t that why we’re all here? We want to understand it all better. We want to understand women. We want to understand ourselves. And ultimately, we want to understand the dance between men and women. 

So, give it a go. Watch the video if you haven’t. It’s a real treat

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