May 27, 2022

What Is Attraction On Demand?

The following is a free excerpt from my upcoming book, Attraction On Demand (coming out on 1/1/20):

Most men miss countless opportunities to meet amazing women. That girl you saw at the store last week could have been a perfect match for you, she could have been your dream girl. But you’ll never know unless you put yourself out there by doing something few men ever do: approach women you don’t know.

This book will teach you how to effortlessly attract women at any time, in any place. Whether you see her in a bar, on campus, or in a grocery store, you will know exactly how to approach her, captivate her, and make her experience sexual attraction for you.

Meeting and attracting women in public is known as ‘cold approach,’ and the few men who master this dating strategy are able to do what seems like nothing more than a fantasy to most guys.

Whereas the average man will spend several months chasing after one girl he has a crush on, someone who practices cold approach can get several dates with beautiful women in a single day – reliably.

This might sound like an atypical result that few men could achieve, but if you put implement the step-by-step process laid out for you within this book, you will discover that many of the limiting beliefs society has taught you about women, dating, and sex are misleading – if not entirely false.

Most guys have a scarcity of options in dating, but through cold approach, you can cultivate an abundance of options. Instead of having to settle for the one girl at work who likes you, you can choose from a practically infinite dating pool. Whether you’re interested in physical beauty, intelligence, or a charming personality, you will be able to date women who meet your standards.

Through coaching dozens of men one-on-one, I’ve seen firsthand that even guys who are starting from a place of desperation and inexperience can start getting dates within a month of practicing cold approach (and in many cases within days).

I’ve worked with short guys, bald guys, men with social anxiety, guys who haven’t gone on a date in years, virgins, and men who are by any objective measure well below average in terms of physical attractiveness.

A Chinese man I coached told me he didn’t think it was possible for an Asian guy to sleep with attractive white women in America, there was too much of a bias. Yet, a week later, he met a cute white girl in a club, started making out with her minutes later, and brought her home with him that same night.

Other men have told me they don’t think they’re tall enough for this to work, or that women just don’t like bald guys, or that they’re not good looking enough to have a chance – yet time and again, through following the process you’re going to learn in this book, these men were able to sleep with or start dating women who they previously though were ‘out of their league’1.

This book includes the following sections:

Section 1: What Women Want

In the first chapter, you will learn what women really want. Female sexual desire is widely misunderstood and misrepresented. The myths society teaches us cause us to become fixated on a model of sexual desire that takes away our power. These beliefs must be dispelled so that you can gain control of your dating life.

Section 2: The Fundamentals of Game

After learning what women want, you will discover the 10 fundamentals of game. These are the core principles for creating an abundant dating life.

Jim Rohn said, “Learn how to separate the majors and the minors. A lot of people don’t do well simply because they major in minor things.”

Most of the dating advice content on the internet focuses on ideas that are unimportant like, “How to get a date with a waitress,” or, “30 first date conversation starts that will kick awkwardness in the butt.” Videos and articles like these make us feel like we’re learning and making progress, but they don’t cut to the heart of the issue – they don’t address the core fundamentals that determine the overall quality of your dating life. The fundamentals of game section of this book ignores the insubstantial details and focuses on the 10% of concepts and strategies that will account for 90% of your results.

Complete Guides

The third section of Attraction On Demand contains complete guides for the most important situations you’ll come across in game.

The complete guide to night game will show you exactly how to meet women in bars and clubs in a way that is both fun and effective at getting results. You’ll then learn how to do the same when meeting women during the day in the complete guide to day game chapter.

Afterward, the first dates chapter will show you exactly how to get whatever outcome you desire from dates (whether that’s a long-term relationship or sex).

The following chapters on physical escalation and pulling will give you a clear blueprint for how to take your interactions with women towards sex (in a way that is assertive, but not creepy).


The majority of people who try to improve their life – whether it’s losing weight, earning more money, or meeting women – don’t get the results they want. This isn’t because those goals are impossible to achieve, but because our emotions get in the way and cloud our judgment.

The key to success often isn’t about the skill itself (exercise, writing, approaching women), but the skill of how to learn that new skill. Motivation, discipline, and patience are what make the difference between trying a self-improvement endeavor for two weeks before burning out, and truly implementing it in a way that changes your life.

In the meta-game section, I will teach you how to overcome the mental and emotional obstacles that cause most people to give up before they get real results.

This may sound like it’s the least exciting section, but in many ways it’s the most important – and no other book about success with women has ever breached this subject.

12-Week Challenge

The final section of Attraction On Demand is a 12-week challenge designed to give you a specific, actionable plan for implementing the principles and strategies you’ve learned throughout the book.

Knowing how to attract women intellectually and applying that information to your life are entirely different things. The results you’ll get in dating will only be as good as your plan for getting them.

If you complete the 12-week challenge at the end of this book, your dating life will never be the same again – and by the end of the 90 days, you can expect to be going on dates with attractive women on a regular basis.

But before you start the challenge, it’s important to understand what women really want in a man, and how you can give it to them.

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