May 27, 2022

Why Am I So Attached To The Idea of my Ex?

It’s good to understand yourself psychologically in order to be able to maintain perspective on what is really going on.

In the chaos of a breakup, your separation anxiety will make you just want your ex back no matter what, and ignore all the red flags, as well as the other problems this may be distracting you from.

You start no contact to give your ex space and for them to recognize you are not chasing after them anymore. But in your time apart, it’s time to think about yourself more and your ex less.

In order to understand your relationship with your ex and your breakup better, you should reflect on who you were at the time you met your ex.

Dating Guy goes into detail to help you unlock new parts of your mind, to view the situation with a fresh perspective. Ask yourself some honest questions and you will get honest answers.

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