July 7, 2022

Why most men will NEVER become high value men

The dirty secret other dating coach don’t tell you…

MOST guys will never figure this girls sh!t out.

5 years from now they’ll be exactly where they are now (at best).

And why is this?

Many reasons.

It’s a lack of focus.

Not putting in the work.

Not having the resilience to overcome obstacles over and over again.

Consuming this type of content is the easy part.

Engaging in the process that leads to real transformation is the difficult part.

And if you’re reading this, I am sorry to say this but most likely you will never figure this stuff out.

It’s not because you are lacking in any particular talent or lack the resources.

It’s your mindset.

With all that said, I want to say one thing.

Dream BIG. Set you standards high. And I mean real high. Don’t put a limit on what’s possible!

If you do anything less, perpetual mediocrity awaits you.

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