Zero F*cks Given: The Modern Man’s Guide To Deep Self-Confidence

Zero F*cks Given: The 21st Century Man's Guide to Deep Self-Confidence by [Hayden, Avery]

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This is a book about self-confidence. It will teach you how to cultivate the mindset -and take the actions- that will give you a rock-solid belief in yourself.

But before you decide if this book is for you, honestly answer this question:

Do you want a quick-fix to develop unshakeable self-confidence in less than 24 hours?

If you answered yes, this book is NOT for you. Zero Fucks Given isn’t going to transform your life in 24 hours, and it’s not going to teach you some ‘secret’ technique that will make self-confidence come to you effortlessly. In short, it’s not a magic pill.

Here’s the harsh truth: self-confidence is difficult to develop, and there’s no way around this. No book can make you confident, anyone that says otherwise is selling snake oil.

This book won’t make confidence building easy, but it will make it possible. Building social confidence is challenging, complicated, and time-consuming. Because of this, trying to figure out how to become confident on your own is nearly impossible.

But, with this book, you will be shown the path. In this book, you will learn:

-How to overcome the insecurities you don’t know you have.
-How to stop caring too much about the opinion of others.
-The reason most men’s dating lives suck, and how you can be the exception.
-The counterintuitive practice that will help you reduce negative emotions and stress.

So, if you’re prepared to overcome your insecurities and eliminate your doubts through hard work, you’ve found the book you have been looking for.

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